C4, Poland, Oblęgorek

10th – 14th October 2019

Day 1. During the first day we had a short sightseeing of the most important sights of Świętokrzyskie region. Then, at school we had the following activities:

Day 2. Art workshops using different techniques. Each team from each country  presented and worked with the traditional art technique in their own country and at the end we all of us worked on the exhibition of artwork of all partners

Day 3. During the third day we had an outdoor festival presenting the culture of each partners’ country. In this activity the pupils from each country presented traditional dances and songs.

Day 4. The fourth day we had a poetry reading session at Henry Sienkiewicz Museum .The Polish teachers created a Poetry wall and organized a very nice reading contest.

Day 5. During the last day of the activity the Polish school organized a cooking workshop (traditional dishes of Świętokrzyskie region.

We evaluated the meeting through questionnaires

All these activities are related to the Art, Music , Literature and PE classes of each partner schools involved in the project.

By exchanging the information and crafts, techniques of work each one improved our knowledge and the teachers started to create more attractive lessons after this meeting.

The teachers and the pupils learned how to work in teams, shared information and useful knowledge about different art techniques, strengthened their friendships, leaned how to organise a tradition objects and food exhibition.

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