C3, Slovakia, Locenec

8th – 12th April 2019

During the Learning, Teaching and training activity in Slovakia, the pupils and the teachers will have the chance to work together on the following activities:

Day 1- Each team of each country wrote information and brought photos and together created a calendar of seasonal celebrations and national festivals. It is a common album.

The Slovakian students performed traditional songs, dances and music and the guests took part in this activity together.

Day 2- A presentation of a film about Lucenec town, history, buildings, local museums took  place. Dance class with the local folk group Folk LC

Day 3- Traditional songs – learning and singing

Day 4- Handcraft workshop - beading. Exhibition of students works: the students exhibited their works created during the handcraft workshop.

Day 5.- Cooking workshop – On one of the activity days all students and teachers took part in a cooking workshop of traditional Slovak and Hungarian recipes

The historical places near Lučenec, UNESCO heritage – castles, ruins were visited.

We  evaluated the meeting through questionnaires

The pupils used their knowledge acquired during these activities during their History, Geography , Art and Music lessons. The final results of the activities will be found in each school being genuine teaching aids whenever needed.

Participants enriched their knowledge about the culture, civilization and history of the Slovakian partners. They  broadened their horizons and they made long lasting friendships. The exchange of the final products has become a way of intercultural dialogue.