C2, Spain, Denia

11th -15th March 2019

During this Learning Teaching and Training activity we had the following activities:

- Presentation of games for students and teachers, route through the school, gymkhana of popular games and dances and small lunch with typical


- Tour through the most important places in Denia to know about our culture, traditions, gastronomy. This visit  included games in the street, a visit

to a “fallas workshop” and a visit to the “toy museum”. Fallas are one of the most representative festivities in Spain, declared cultural heritage by

UNESCO, and toy industry has a very important role in economy in Denia and surrounding cities.

- Handcraft related to any aspect of the Valencian/Spanish culture we want to work during the visit. Teachers training: teachers in the school

explained what the dialogic chats are, how they are worked in the school and why we do it. Then teachers visited a class to see how this practice was

developed. Cooking workshop with a local chef and families from our school. In this workshop, students learned how to cook traditional Valencian

recipes, typical ingredients, and  used the products from our garden.

- Pilota valenciana.

Students and teachers  visited the “trinquete” (a court where the one of our traditional sports is played) Here, they did a practical workshop

related to this sport, and they  also built the glove to play it. Teachers  assisted during the practice.

- Fallas route. Since during this week, fallas festivity is celebrated in most cities of Valencian Community, we  visited the local fallas monuments,

which are built in the streets during this week.

To close the week, when we finished the route, we  played a musical mascletà and a batucada.

We  evaluated the meeting through questionnaires.

Participating in this activity the pupils and teachers became aware of the Spanish culture and traditions. The activities performed can be

intergrated in the school curriculum by sharing the information acquired here during the History and Geography lessons about the culture and

civilization of aother countries.

The participants acquired useful information, they  strentghened their friendship which began during the first LTT activity.,  have increased their knowledge about the culture, traditions, civilization and history of the Spanish people.